Grammar—Error lol

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So I’ve been laughing at myself all day, reading books and trying to figure it all out. I am of Acadian (French/Cajun) Heritage, so often times my English is poor when it comes to my Grammar,  You’ve probably noticed as one of my good friends probably has.

I was speaking to her today and she said, You know i was reading your blog earlier and I was confused with the whole your, you’re  whole thing. To me, I had no idea there was that much of a difference. I mean *eye roll* obviously, it’s spelled differently for a reason but i never paid it no attention. Although i made a promise to myself to try to write better, I’ve probably already fugged up thee times since the beginning of this post haha

I’m just thinking about it and it would really help me to take a writing class or something but I’ve been doing a lot of procrastinating, about things like that. although it’s a New Year and I’ve made plans to create less mess ups this year for myself. I’m sure the grammar is somewhere in the middle of the list

Thanks though…. 😉 For showing me that I ain’ shit once again but at the end of the day I adore this woman more than anyone I’ve ever had the chance to encounter online……   I want to take a moment to congratulate her on helping me find something else to obsess about LOL


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