Posted: January 13, 2013 in Uncategorized


*Sneeze*… Yes!!! I’m contagious tonight… I decided to begin this blogging things once again. My daughter has been sneezing and coughing all day today so I’m assuming i’m about to catch it also. The joys of being a mom 🙂 I wouldn’t change it if I could.  So, As a psychic You’re probably thinking that everything your going to read on this blog is going to be about Psychic and Spiritual Things. I”ll be honest, my mind is a drifter and although I sit here and say “Yes, it will be” I’m only lying because I like to write about whatever, whenever, however. So don’t ever be shocked at what your reading, coming from me.

I’m watching old, king of queens reruns right now as I’m writing this first post, only to make my blog active. There’s not much substance in the first post. It’s a fair warning, I’m over here debating on making myself some Mr.noodles although I know they are not good for me. I’ll settle for some water and a carrot muffin this evening I guess……

I hope you find the answers to things your looking for when i’m writing about spiritual things. I also hope that you have a sense of humor because without one, you’re going to be lonely here…



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