Whois Cynthia


I am a Regular Kind of girl, Well Mostly Except for the part of Seeing Dead people and talking to People other people can’t see…. I’m just a regular Girl.. I have two wonderful little people in my life, They are my children. They take up a whole lot of my time and when I’m not with them I’m helping people around the world find their true purpose and help them resolve issues within themselves.

I was born with abilities that came to me when I was 8 years old, but left me when I was in school because of being bullied because of my abilities and wanting to help people, I was tormented and people assumed I was always trying to be in everyone’s business. Quite frankly, it was true. I was in everyone’s business but it was for the greater good, but i had no idea how to control what I  was seeing/doing Because I didn’t know what it was” Things didn’t click into me, until I was about 19 years old, When tragedy struck and I lost my best friend to a Car accident

I really retreated into my own self, isolated myself and ended up doing a lot of meditation, research, writing and finding out that these voices that are in my head, They are real and they are happy, loving, caring and honest Guidance. They have never led me wrong since the day I began listening and They have always been accurate in helping people.

I don’t question them because it’s always positive messages 🙂

My life has been far from all great and i’ve been through a lot of trials, tribulations and sadness. I managed to find a way to push through it all, smile, get rid of anxieties and panic attacks.

I’ve taken Reiki Certification Classes in order to be able to Practice Healing sessions on people in order to help them heal as I did myself.

I have taken Mediumship Certifications in order to be able to learn how to deliver messages to people from Spirit.

These classes I took were not NEEDED as I was BORN with These abilities, but as a Spiritual Adviser, it’s always good to keep learning so you can teach and guide people more efficiently







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