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There are so many factors and reasons that can turn our life into  a panic zone. There’s so much stress in these times. Before we worried about the garden, our children, cooking and our family. These days we’re worried about sending our children to school because someone might walk in the school and shot everything up. We’re worried about losing our jobs because the governement is cutting our jobs. We’re worried about our health because theres so many substitutes to real vitamines and organic that we’re eating garbage. We live in a world that no longer is free. We have no control over our lands. We have no control over our water, We no longer are able to do what we love doing. Our farms are being monitored. Our growing of vegetables and fruits are being monitored. We’re living in a Society in which the governement wants all of what we’re able to make. We get little income here and there and even at that it’s not enough to get by.

Hate has replaced love and compassion. Women have lost their minds trying to play roles that Society portrays as “what’s best” Women are eating more diet pills than real food. Women are dressing like  street workers. Shaking their asses on the videos for a few dollars, because that’s what they are told “is what’s best and what’s cool” Men are no longer showing emotions and compassion towards women. Men no longer open doors, greet their women from work. Men no longer buy flowers, no longer ask women how their day has been.

Children are no longer playing with animals in the fields, no longer playing outside with soccer  balls, basketball, frogs, and mudpies. They are sitting infront of the television or a computer screen doing nothing but eating patatoe chips, and playing games. Parents are no longer demanding respect from their children and setting rules they are to busy trying to be their child’s friend. Our Roles as parents is not to be a friend but to be in a position of authority over our children to make sure they accomplish great things in life.  We’re no longer watching how our children dress. Allowing some of these kids these days to dress like they are in an audition for street walking.

The change comes from within ourselves. We have to stop allowing Society to dictate what’s right and what’s wrong in our lives and take control of our families and our beliefs again. There’s too much of negative things going on and around for a World to become a better place. The world is what you make it, What we are doing is Shameful and it’s not a place where I want to see my children, grand children and great-grand children grow up in.



Image“You are not just here to fill space or be a background character in someone else’s movie. Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.”

~ David Niven ~


This is a quote I put up on my fb page yesterday. I cannot seem to tell people enough while doing readings or communicating with friends and family members. STOP allowing people to control your life. Stop playing the part THEY want you to play in your own life. You have your own set of goals and dreams. You’re completely able to go for what you want in life, Just because someone “believes or assumes” that you cannot conquer your dream, who are YOU to believe them? Do you believe in them more than you believe in Self? That’s a problem right there. You really have to follow your heart and your desire to accomplish things that you want.

People will often guide you with their fears and hangups. They couldn’t achieve it so they don’t want you to get there. You have to just push forward through it all and sometimes following your dreams means losing some people you thought were friends but in all honesty if they discourage you from following your dreams they were not friends to begin with. How about this year 2013 You do something for YOU


Grammar—Error lol

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So I’ve been laughing at myself all day, reading books and trying to figure it all out. I am of Acadian (French/Cajun) Heritage, so often times my English is poor when it comes to my Grammar,  You’ve probably noticed as one of my good friends probably has.

I was speaking to her today and she said, You know i was reading your blog earlier and I was confused with the whole your, you’re  whole thing. To me, I had no idea there was that much of a difference. I mean *eye roll* obviously, it’s spelled differently for a reason but i never paid it no attention. Although i made a promise to myself to try to write better, I’ve probably already fugged up thee times since the beginning of this post haha

I’m just thinking about it and it would really help me to take a writing class or something but I’ve been doing a lot of procrastinating, about things like that. although it’s a New Year and I’ve made plans to create less mess ups this year for myself. I’m sure the grammar is somewhere in the middle of the list

Thanks though…. 😉 For showing me that I ain’ shit once again but at the end of the day I adore this woman more than anyone I’ve ever had the chance to encounter online……   I want to take a moment to congratulate her on helping me find something else to obsess about LOL


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*Sneeze*… Yes!!! I’m contagious tonight… I decided to begin this blogging things once again. My daughter has been sneezing and coughing all day today so I’m assuming i’m about to catch it also. The joys of being a mom 🙂 I wouldn’t change it if I could.  So, As a psychic You’re probably thinking that everything your going to read on this blog is going to be about Psychic and Spiritual Things. I”ll be honest, my mind is a drifter and although I sit here and say “Yes, it will be” I’m only lying because I like to write about whatever, whenever, however. So don’t ever be shocked at what your reading, coming from me.

I’m watching old, king of queens reruns right now as I’m writing this first post, only to make my blog active. There’s not much substance in the first post. It’s a fair warning, I’m over here debating on making myself some Mr.noodles although I know they are not good for me. I’ll settle for some water and a carrot muffin this evening I guess……

I hope you find the answers to things your looking for when i’m writing about spiritual things. I also hope that you have a sense of humor because without one, you’re going to be lonely here…